A Task Force is an armed force organized for a special operation or mission, our mission is fitness.  We believe in tough, realistic training for all ages and skill levels that goes beyond aesthetics. We strive to encourage everyone to prepare their body today for the hell it may go through tomorrow.


With a Subscription to Task Force Fitness, you get access to our daily training sessions that are used by Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and Athletes all over the world. Additionally, you will gain access to Individual Training Plans. Most plans in our fitness training program focus on: strength, endurance, injury recovery, mid-section strength, and more. What makes our plans unique is their focus, efficiency and effectiveness. Task Force Fitness's approach is direct and realistic. We strive in providing you with fitness programs no matter your situation or location. With a subscription, you will receive discounts on our branded apparel! We teamed up with Blue Falcon Apparel, a Veteran Owned and Operated company, to host our apparel! (Don't let the name fool you, they provided over $5K in donations last year to help Veteran Nonprofits!)



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