Stephen, TF267, was born and raised in Queens, New York until the age of 17.  In 1999, at the age 22 , Stephen chose to serve his Country and joined the United States Army as a 12B Combat Engineer. He has served in multiple combat operational theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan and has earned numerous awards throughout his flawless career. Throughout his life he has not only felt a strong passion for fitness, but also a desire to help others achieve their goals. Married to his wife Debbie, they have 1 Son (Jeramiah) and 2 Daughters (Cadence) and (Arianna).

A career in the Army enabled Stephen to complete numerous courses that only compliments his physical fitness passion. He successfully earned the highest level of Modern Army Combatives certification, and has since certified countless Soldiers in Hand to Hand and Tactical Combat . His mixed martial arts career includes: semi-pro MMA events, numerous Army Combatives Tournaments with 1st Place finishes, as well as 1st Place in Army Boxing Championships at Ft. Riley, KS. Additionally, Stephen is a Army certified Master Fitness Instructor, and has created numerous programs that have been adopted by units all over the Army.